Bussines Intelligence 2.0 and its efficiency keys: Social, safe and with access to information

Information is undoubtedly one of the most important assets for any company, extract the maximum meaning of it and analyze all available data leads brands to increase competitiveness and quality of customer service.

In the case of private brands and also in Public Administrations, business intelligence technologies are of vital importance, since it is only through their knowledge that users can respond in real time to increasingly complex aspects of their business. data.

At a time like the present, that brands implement accessible and effective BI solutions is essential to optimize the effective analysis of different data, tending to overcome the obstacles they face and from the reminiscences of the previous cycle.

Bussines Intelligence 2.0

New generations of technologies that place people at the nerve center, providing them with tools to analyze and decide freely what kind of communication, information and collaboration they want to carry out with brands and organizations

In short, the BI 2.0 optimizes the response system thanks to dynamic analysis, now users can get answers to non-standardized questions.

Advantages of BI 2.0

More analysis capacity for users. Thanks to efficient information extraction, users can make better decisions.

Greater autonomy Users are totally free, can access information with total autonomy and get answers with the same speed with which thoughts are generated.

Security, the analysis of personal data is a subject of great relevance in all countries, it is for this reason that the exploration of personal data must be done with total security and the new BI 2.0 guarantees this aspect.

BI 2.0 and social networks, efficiency and optimization.

The relationship between the Bussines Intelligence and social networks is evident, these platforms are organizations that seek profit, and it has already been assumed that Facebook will go public so the protection of personal data is a subject of great relevance.

In conclusion, it is important to keep in mind that the integration of users to the activity of brands has already occurred, it is convenient to implement tools and systems that help in the process of optimizing such integration.

Providing consumers with better and more efficient access to information, as well as additional protection for their personal data, are the great challenges facing the new Social Intelligence Bussines.

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