Brands have to be actively watching everything that happens around them and act

Jaume Clotet, Founder and Director / Netsuus and one of the speakers during the meeting “Flash Forward, Four hours in the future that will change your present” organized by CP Proximity Barcelona among professionals from the digital world and advertisers, remarked the speed with which it is going all in the digital world, it is a rapidly evolving market. According to him, in 5 years the way of accessing content has been changed; in 3 years the way of communicating has also changed (eg Twitter); the channels through which we approach those contents are also different as well as the media (mobile, computer, ipad, etc.) …

So ask the audience who remembers the first job search portal, or the first search engine or the first music channel, most of us have in mind the one that is now “more fashionable” but not which one started it because everything goes so fast that we do not remember.

“If I were a marketing director, I would worry about the speed of the change. The customer is also changing at the same speed and is the one that sets the pace of the market. ”

So that the advertiser can adapt to this speed of change proposes a Continuous Observation System (SOC) since the brand can not remain passive but must be actively watching everything that happens around it and act. Not only is it important to know how many visits my profile is having, how many followers my Twitter has, if I do not have the insights and see how my relationship with Internet users is changing at every minute. Give 3 tips on how a SOC should be:

  • Provided: you have to know how much time I will spend observing the data, what resources I will have to make decisions and how much time I will need to act
  • Actionable: it has to be goal-oriented but that leads us to act
  • Context: the results are nothing if we do not put them in a context (current situation, how is the competition, etc.)

Facing this speed, he observes that the trends are not going as far as they should go. The trends should be: do testing continuously (change questionnaire formats, different creativities …); Real Time Analytics (you should act in real time with the data, for example if we see that someone is on our website going from one side to another we should show a window of the type you need help instantly, or in the case of media of communication should be able to change the contents depending on the reading, a newspaper should change its home every 5 minutes so that the reader returns to it and does not go to another); Integration with real profiles (more and more the profile of the internet will be who, someone with name and surname); Comprehensive dashboards (there are too many audience measurement tools and you have to integrate them to look for the relevant); and Multichannel Marketing (the buyer will be impacted by the brand at different times).

Conclusion: It is not about how fast the market goes, but about how quickly we are able to adapt (both the brand and the consumer).

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