Are social media beginning to be saturated by brands?

In case anyone thought that having a presence in the online world was a guarantee of success, a place where your message stood out for the mere fact of being 2.0, is wrong.

It is a channel where every day you have to fight to highlight; Where the proliferation of messages and impacts is increasing, to the point that we will also see saturation in this medium.

Are social media beginning to be saturated by brandsMindshare believes that in the next two years the brands will have to be used in depth so that its message stands out among the great amount of information that every moment is in the Social Media. Do not forget that the customers themselves also have the ability to create content, at any time and place, armed with their mobile devices. They also have an important community of loyal followers: their friends and family.

It is expected that in 2016, mobile searches will triple to those made through the computer. For this reason, the smartphone becomes the main way to reach the customer; A meeting point where to hit him and get his reaction. If you are also able to share your content, you can sign up a bit.

According to IBM, 90% of today’s information has been generated in the last two years. This is a large amount of content, which is still being created today, and can easily weaken the visibility of brands. Therefore, they have to worry not so much to get fans, but to generate interactions and encourage engagement. It is sad to think that only 10% of users who like “on a page, ever return to it.

Companies should strive to generate regularly interesting content that attracts users and is able to maintain their interest in the brand. Also, big data is an important source of information that helps determine what works best, and predicts trends; In this way the company can optimize its resources and reorient its strategy according to the real needs of its target audience.

As they say, differentiate or die. The saturation is a challenge to bet on the creativity and quality, that allow to stand out among the great mass of information that floods the Social Media.

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