70% of consumers would spend more for good customer service

70% of the population of the United States is willing to spend an average of 13% more on companies that believe they offer excellent customer service, according to the report of American Express Global Costumer Service Barometer, figures that have increased substantially compared to 2010, when only 58% said they would spend 9% more for the great service of some companies.

This premium of 13%, places the USA in second place among the nine countries participating in the survey, India being the leader with 22% and followed by the USA, Australia and Canada with 12%, Mexico with 11% and United Kingdom with 10%.

However, despite the value that Americans give to customer service, 60% of them believe that the companies have not increased their efforts in providing a great deal of attention and of them, 26% think that many pay less attention to the services that before.

Being able to call a telephone number to get a response from a specialist annoys 27% of consumers, of which 32% are between 18 and 29 years old. This percentage is just as annoying when they are asked to call later or leave the call on hold, but here more people aged 55 and older were of the opinion, an age group that tends to be more upset than the rest of consumers (29% against 26%).

86% of Mexicans are likely to lose temper by making a call to the customer service of a company, followed by France (75%) and India (73%). The US has the third lowest rate with 56%, with the Germans with 37%, the most patient consumers.

In the development of their customer service strategies, brands should be aware that, as a result of social networks and other online communication technologies, consumers can now use trusted sources to obtain information about specific products and brands, in Instead of relying on advertising, according to trendwatching.com.

At the same time, the study says that consumers have always trusted the word of their friends, relatives and relatives, but modern technology greatly accelerated that development of people as influential when deciding a purchase.

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