70% of Consulting and Strategy professionals would go to work abroad

The Consulting and Strategy sector has been one of the ones that has evolved the most in recent times. Its main characteristic is that it has a high demand for qualified professionals, something of special importance in these times. The economic crisis and the labor market need the experience and knowledge of these consultants to take off towards the recovery as soon as possible.

From the Consulting and Strategy division of Michael Page International they are aware of the importance of these specialists in the current context for any company, providing them with the basic tools for the business relationship and the generation of business in a competitive environment.

“The consultancy now has a higher degree of demand, especially in terms of knowledge, innovation and specialization in its application to business contexts. Thus, more and more, firms need specialized professionals, which is exactly what we offer through our new division, “explains Federico de Vicente, Manager of the Consulting & Strategy division.

International Profiles

So far this year, Michael Page International has interviewed more than 800 candidates who opted for a job opportunity in this sector. Among them, the most outstanding profile is that which has a more international character, oriented towards an exercise of the profession at the global level. In fact, the data show that among all of them, more than 70% would be willing to work abroad in the face of different labor mobility options.

Another important fact that these professionals present is that they have a high level of English, the language of business: 18% of respondents are bilingual in English, 46% have a high level and another 36% have an average level of English professional, trained to make basic negotiations and have a fluent communication. In addition, 24% of the candidates who opted for a job opportunity in this sector had knowledge of another additional language at a professional level.

Regarding the level of training, it should be noted that 13% of the candidates had completed an MBA abroad, while 42% had done it in one of the top business schools that exist.

Functional areas

The fields of action in this sector are concentrated in several areas. According to Michael Page International, the profiles most in demand at this time are new divisions, grouped into several areas: Strategic Business Planning, focused on strategic design and impact analysis in relation to different strategic actions (36%); Processes / Change, for the definition of improvements in commercial and business processes (33%); Organization Consulting, for the management, study and development of production activities, planning, organization and control of production and maintenance activities (19%); Marketing (8%) and Valuation, for the study and development of production activities (5%).

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