7 effective ways to integrate SOLOMO into your marketing strategy

Today’s consumer has 3 faces, is social, mobile and local. Three dimensions that is important to deal with, for this you have to develop a SOLOMO strategy. If your user is three-dimensional, your strategy also has to be. Look at these 7 ways to get it:

Integrate your campaign into your place of action.Geolocalize your campaigns. Design actions thinking about that neighborhood or population where the campaign will be developed. Take into account the socio demographic characteristics of the place, such as its type of climate, traditions, what are its popular festivals, if there is any kind of sports enthusiasm, or if any important event is planned. These specific data will come to you from pearls to adapt the campaign; for example, you can take part in the town festivals, or give away umbrellas, if you are in the rainy season.

Act differently. Reject traditional patterns.Do not limit yourself to doing the same thing, which is done by custom, such as limiting your campaign to place a QR code on the door of the establishment, and offer a discount for the purchase of a certain product. Go beyond, you’re sure to come up with thousands of creative options that motivate people to participate.

Adapt your message to the support. Keep in mind the characteristics of the smartphone, both its advantages and disadvantages. It takes advantage of its versatility, its ubiquity, but reduces the message to a short text, where the images do not have all the protagonism; nor do you use flash technology.

Optimize your content for local search results.According to Google, 40% of all the searches you register are local, have you checked the position of your company for geolocalized searches? You also know that the search results displayed on mobile devices are different from what appears on your desktop computer. Optimize your brand also considering these options.

Encourage the most social side of your campaign. Users like to participate in contests, surveys and all kinds of leisure activities on social networks. Reinforce your strategy including this type of actions, especially if it is about interactions at the foot of the street, it brings to light its part more SOLOMO.

A picture is worth a thousand words.The attractiveness of audiovisual content is indisputable, it has been proven that the inclusion of videos in the landing pages increases their conversion rate. So bring out your most cinematic side and enrich your campaign with some video that captures the attention of your users.

Jump to the middle offline. Your users do not live in the online world, but are real people, flesh and blood, who physically walk their city, visit establishments and walk its streets and squares. Combine your SOLOMO strategy with actions in the offline medium, such as printed coupons, published in the press, advertising in urban furniture or using the establishments themselves as promotional support of the campaign.

Have you already developed your SOLOMO strategy? What has it consisted of?

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