60% of companies already include the mobile phone within their marketing plan

Mobile devices are already part of the marketing plan of 60% of companies. In addition, half the marketers plan to carry out targeted campaigns for mobile devices, up from the previous year (35.9%). This is reflected in the latest annual report on mobile marketing presented by Chief Marketer.

60% of companies already include the mobile phone within their marketing planCompanies are investing more in mobile marketing

30.8% of companies have increased their budget for mobile marketing in the last 12 months. Although still the amount destined to this area is less than 10% of the total, in 68% of the companies. During 2012, 31% of companies launched actions specifically targeting mobile users. This year, 47.8% plans to focus on this target audience.

What kind of actions are most used by marketers?

  • The 60.5% bet on the QRs
  • 49% Develop Mobile Applications
  • 43.9% conducted mobile messaging campaigns

The main barrier to positive results in your actions is the need to have an appropriate strategy. Only 28% of respondents admit that they know the mobile users, which devices they use and what their activity is. 1 in 5 acknowledges that they do not have sufficient information on these users, and must base their strategy on data provided by third parties. One-third of the marketers are aware that their target audience uses mobile devices, but is not sure what their activity is.

Mobile Optimization

According to Chief Marketer, 75.7% of the participants in their study optimize their e-mailing campaigns for mobile devices. Although only 40.3% have a landing page adapted for these smart screens, and 38.8% measure which opening rate is actually recorded through them.

Web optimization is still a big challenge. Only 15.3% of respondents acknowledge responsive design. The main arguments are lack of budget (35.8%), lack of awareness about the importance of this channel (26.8%), or that mobile optimization is not among its priorities (20.7% ).

Mobile Advertising

34.7% have a mobile advertising campaign in place, or will do so before the end of the year. In contrast, 40% have not yet done so, nor do they have intentions. Display advertising, in any of its applications, is still a type of intrusive communication, which has come to be considered annoying by the users themselves. The study also shows that 5.4% did some type of campaign of this nature in the past, but will not repeat in 2013. The most popular type of actions are the insertion of ads in the display networks (57.9% ), As well as contracting spaces in the mobile sites themselves (33.2%). Mobile video is also a very interesting place to achieve impacts (21.6%).

Mobile apps

Only 27% of marketers have developed a mobile app for their brand, and another 20.7% are planning to launch it this year. Their main objective is to promote engagement with their target audience (69.1%), together with the intention to improve the user experience (37.8%), to provide quality content (44.8% %) And to achieve greater visibility of the same (44.4%).

The mobile is an interesting way of direct access to the target audience, which is gaining importance in the marketing plan of companies. The study involved 666 marketing managers, of whom 54% of companies sell their services online. Their mobile strategy can help them improve the user experience, and thus the conversion into this medium.

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