5 tips to promote your Startup in Social Networks

A strategy for social networks is not usually a priority for a Startup, but let’s not be antisocial, let’s not isolate ourselves. Let’s participate in the community, let’s go to the neighborhood meetings, vote for the new painting for the walls, pay for the small farewell party of the Lord of the 4th 3rd that we never knew his name. Communicate, explain why our idea is worthy of our time and above all because we believe blindly in that idea, spread the love for it.

Honestly I have not talked to a single entrepreneur who does not feel passion when explaining what he is doing and how and above all what he wants to change. Transmitting that passion is the difference between being invisible or generating unconditional followers. Therefore 5 +1:

6. Never give up (bonus)

Promoting your Startup will not be easy. We started well. But I assure you that it can be much easier than any of the other operations of your daily routine. In fact, a recurring problem is finding the time to use social networks. Many people spend the day on Twitter, it will not be our style, but you can take advantage of any time you have for a twit, 140 characters do not give to tell business models but to explain in a human way what we are doing and how we are pulling. Let’s keep our earthly accounts and let’s do it religiously.

conversations will not happen overnight, you have to be patient, it is an extremely slow process, although it will be an exponential growth depending on the quality of our product or service. But the desperation, when it arrives, and it will do it, does not have to be determinant, it is necessary to overcome and above all keep calm and carry on.

5. Actívate but controlling what you say

Just write when you have something to say. But … you said … Yes, I know, but there are no rules written in social media, probably a “Hello!” Will not get the same effect as explaining what you’re working on, you do not need to reveal anything, a little mystery, in fact, it helps to generate that intrigue that the mouse is going to follow or I like.

4. Hello!

Come on man … I know, but for something you have to start and the best thing is doing a little research. A Startup usually has to be informed about everything that happens in the nearby industry. In this way we can closely see and touch what other startups are doing to attract attention and create community. By the way, we can also take a look at what those that are not related to our sector do. We must study in what social networks our audience moves, and what is the best way to approach them. There is no better way to learn than to do it from those who are doing well. Then it will be time to start with a Hello or something like Hello World.

3. The amount is confusion

Creating an account is free. But creating many can be expensive. It is a common mistake to create different accounts for different topics that we want to communicate. Believe me it is difficult to fatten a single account imagine two, or three, or … even nine. The only thing we will achieve is to distract and confuse a potential follower and distract is not to entertain.

2. Normal attitude, first appointment

Create connections and establish a communication as you would with your friends. How many times do we repeat “normal attitude, normal attitude” on a first date? This is how we should act, but not about doing it, being too expressive can result in a point of no return, called unfollow.

1. Create a community starting with the foundations

It is a classic to invite all our friends to follow us at the beginning, but getting a genuine “like” is much more valuable than most of our friends together (I’m not talking about friendship, that’s the most valuable thing in the world, they’ll tell you, here strategists but). You can go out to hunt followers or you can let them flourish, in any case keep your active community going by offering, as always, quality content.

The uniqueness provided by social networks is no longer purely leisure, knowing how to move between them and connecting with our public is a competitive advantage when it comes to generating the best of the best user experience. Without fear.

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