4 more easy ways to get customers into your retail store

If you’ve tried numerous ways to pick your business up a little but still have concerns about your retail store’s sales, there is yet more you can do to push sales.

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1. Use training effectively

The likelihood is that your staff members are trained as sales clerks rather than being taught how to sell your specific products. In addition to their general induction, offer your staff training on the products you sell. A great training activity and one that will make your newest members feel valued is to have your team role play with senior sales employees, and allow them to learn from the best.

2. Use social media

If you are not already on Facebook, take a lesson in social media marketing and get a page set up as soon as possible. Online marketing is now one of the best ways of engaging and keeping customers. In this article, Retail Doc exposes no fewer than seven ways that Facebook can help to attract customers to your retail store.

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Don’t think that some products won’t benefit from online exposure – EVERY brand should embrace technology. If you run a perfume store, for example, raising the profile of your events via scent marketing (see http://moodmedia.co.uk/scent-marketing-for-business/) can help to catch customers’ attention.

3. Improve accessibility

If your site is tucked away then you may find that your reach is affected. Even having a prime high street location doesn’t guarantee the best sales. If you have a small, inaccessible parking lot then look at expanding this. If, however, your parking spaces are usually empty, encourage your staff to park out the front to give the illusion of a busier store!

4. Worry about your business and not others

Instead of worrying about what others are doing and how their business is going, just focus on your own sales. If you ask a fellow retail owner how business is going and theirs is great while yours isn’t, you will wind up feeling negative. In truth, even if they say that business is booming, the chances are they are experiencing their own struggles too.

In conclusion, you may have gathered that any step you take towards trying to drive your sales forward needs to be about creating the right kind of energy and buzz for your business.

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