10 Factors to Consider When Hiring a Social Media Professional

The person in charge of managing the social networks of our company or brand must undoubtedly be more than a content manager. It will require a broad knowledge and the ability to maintain a high commitment that allows us to represent our business in the social sphere, as well as the virtue of always acting in a serene, intelligent and skillful way when facing conflicts, problems or offer solutions Before any problem.

It depends on our communication in the medium 2.0 has a tone or another, and that it encourages interaction and engagement while watching over our company’s online reputation. As we can verify, this professional has a high responsibility on his shoulders, so he has to be qualified for it and meet multiple requirements and conditions. 

Do you have an unblemished online reputation? An online communication professional should lead by example, and have developed his personal branding. If you are not able to manage your own name on social networks, do you think it will be able to take care of your 2.0 presence? To do this, simply do a simple search of your name on Google and review their profiles on the main social networks. 

Do you know our sector? Each market is a world that has its own language, some intrinsic characteristics that must know to develop properly and allow you to make a hole, get heard and their contributions are taken into account. 

Does your attitude show a sense of affinity with the brand? The Social Media Manager has to represent the brand as if it were his own, so he has to know even the smallest detail of it. A priori will already play to advantage if it shows a real interest in the brand, and knows its corporate policy, the products or services it offers, as well as the current situation that presents its reputation online. 

Do you have the capacity to contact the influencers of the sector? These will be one of your priority objectives, the central point in developing the online reputation of the brand. You can check what followers you have on Twitter or the contacts you maintain through Facebook or LinkedIn, but keep in mind that, first of all, you will prioritize your skills to relate, reach your target audience, show your know-how and take them to your field. 

What do you know about his career? The best letter of presentation of all professionals are their work and achievements. If you have the possibility to check which projects you have taken, and if the results have been positive you will have many chances that you will have it for your company. One of the great advantages that the online medium possesses is that everything is in the network, therefore it can be traced with certain facility. 

What tools will you use to develop your work? ROI and monitoring are two key aspects to developing an effective Social Media strategy. So make sure your Social Media Manager is able to evaluate the results obtained with your actions and maximize the investment. 

What is your specialty? It is advisable to know in which means he is best developed, which he prefers to develop his strategy, and which he especially dominates. This information is important especially to ensure that your skills match the needs of the company. Imagine that your company has a special interest in developing your presence on Twitter, and yet this candidate does not dominate their language as you would expect. 

What is the approach you would develop in your strategy for your brand? If your candidate shows ability to do a previous analysis of the situation and broadly outlines some guidelines valid and adapted to your brand, with a touch of creativity and lateral thinking, fleeing the established steps and marking a new style for your brand, This can be the person you are looking for. 

Do you have experience dealing with reputational crisis? One of the aspects that can undo irremediably with the online reputation of the company is being unable to manage a crisis. Even worse, Not knowing how to deal with a timely problem in time, and aggravating the situation to the point where it degenerates into a real catastrophe in terms of reputation. It is convenient to know the point of view of this professional before some issues that could be considered as “delicate”, as well as to review their time line and performances in social networks, in order to find out if it shows an aggressive or inappropriate behavior in the medium. 

What would be your degree of commitment to the brand? A Social Media Manager 24 hours a day, is both inside and outside the company. This does not mean that it has an exclusive dedication to the company, but it does monitor it closely and that its actions at a particular level or face other customers can never damage the good name of the brand. Therefore he must show his knowledge wherever he goes, and develop impeccable behavior. 

What other aspects do you think the Social Media Manager of your brand should fulfill?

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